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The corporate culture was honored as national model

The corporate culture was honored as "national model"

October 10 to 11, "2015 Liaoning Province Culture Summit" held in Huanren, Liaoning. The summit "innovation, revitalization of play - the corporate culture under the new normal" as its theme, organized by the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Culture, the good medicine nurse contractor.


During the summit, the delegates visited the good medicine nurse corporate culture scene, heard the leadership of the company, "good people, good medicine," the corporate culture construction experience report. Report from the firm conviction to do good, to do innovative business aspects of medicine introduced two good nurse on the drug than a decade of corporate culture footsteps. Society of Academic Committee Sunhong Min, Qu Ming Wang and other experts to give comments.


The good medicine nurse responsible person said, the company will be under the guidance of the drug culture, continue to build good people, good medicine culture of integrity, innovative culture, a culture of responsibility, a culture of cooperation, inclusive culture, serving as cultural, ideological beliefs sublimation employees, continue to build the spiritual home of the staff, the staff of life, dream, dream home and business dream, to unite in a common dream of China, continue to grow and develop, and truly become a human health "good nurse." This year, the good medicine nurse was named "2015 annual national corporate culture construction business model."

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