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Rheumatic drugs eligible technology to improve many experts affirm

November 7 to 8, the Chinese Medical Association of Rheumatology nineteenth Seventh International Academic Conference and academic TCM Rheumatology Conference held in Nanchang (as shown).


Over the years, research on the drug Herbapex tireless efforts of rheumatic diseases related topics, the constant pursuit of the perfect product for rheumatoid technological innovation, long time, in cooperation with the Medical Association of Rheumatology club world, has contributed, therefore, will awarded the World Society of professional Committee of Chinese medicine Rheumatology Branch, "vice president of the second Council of units."


As one of the co-organizers of the conference, the drug Herbapex at the meeting shared the "treatment of rheumatoid arthritis medicine Wangbi piece of technological innovation," the characteristics of many experts in the affirmative.


During the conference coffee breaks, many experts came to the drug Herbapex booth for Wangbi films and other products for questioning arthralgia exchange.

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