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2016 Herbapex pharmaceutical company Annual reports

January 29, 2016, good nurse pharmaceutical companies held in 2015 in Huanren Education Park summarize 2016 work plan for the meeting. Group General Manager Zheng Jiyu, Dong Zhi, general manager of pharmaceutical companies, the systems, the relevant department leaders and sales managers from other provinces and regions, the regional sales manager, attended the meeting. Company leaders at the meeting to the participants on the progress of the company's recent work, summed up the market situation and the status of work around the marketing of 2015, a detailed analysis of the current pharmaceutical environment and deployed in 2016 focus on work.

The evening of 29 January 2016, at the Grand Hotel Tian Ge, good nurse pharmaceutical company held a grand gala in 2016, to attend the party in addition to the good nurse pharmaceutical company's employees, co-workers from the company's market line are all the way He rushed to the scene to participate in this event in the past.

Opening dance "Fire Fire girl" opened the prelude to the whole evening, followed by song, dance, and other performances bustling San Juban, winning applause.

Opening dance "Fire Fire girl" opened the prelude to the whole evening, followed by song, dance, and other performances bustling San Juban, winning applause.

Carefully organized by the various departments of the company rehearsed performances, expressing New Year's wishes, these colorful, Haoxiliantai live program continues to win applause and cheers, the photographer's flash also blinking, the fear of missing He did a wonderful lens. Colleagues gathered to show theme song "On the Road" song skewers and other programs, which takes evening to a climax bursts.

Since each group performances in various forms, times, party leaders were also organized during the colonization everyone face to face, red envelopes for everyone, send New Year's blessing, we fight the network speed, luck spell, grab the best of spirits. Retail Market specially for this party made a micro-channel voting, we can focus on subscription number "good nurse big health" for your favorite contestant to vote, help them to win the grand prize thousand Yuan, after the public voted, tris half the sentence "Good Fortune" won the champion of this evening's show, the song "tomorrow will be better," he won the second prize, dance "fire fire girl" won the third prize.

Under the strong support and cooperation of various departments and the leadership of the company, this year the conference summing up the work to a successful conclusion and look forward to year-end 2016 the General Assembly, our excellent performance together again, writing a new chapter of good nurses.

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