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Nephritis swelling tablets

  • 商品说明

Drug Name: nephritis swelling tablets approval number: country medicine accurate Z20023039 Specification: 0.34g / tablets Dosage: Manufacturer: Liaoning good nurse Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. more ... Description: Jianpishenshitang, through Yang diuresis. For acute and chronic nephritis wet swollen spleen syndromes. Clinical manifestations of swollen limbs, swollen face very early morning, afternoon heavy swollen legs, according to the depression, body weight difficulties, oliguria, abdominal account eat less greasy tongue coating, pulse Chen Huan. Advantages: 1, a variety of traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic synergistically diuretic effect; 2, effective, fast, smooth; 3, effectively alleviate and improve the acute symptoms and biochemical indicators of chronic nephritis.

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