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Tongru particles

  • 商品说明

[Drug Name] Common name: through milk particles Pinyin: Tongru Keli [ingredients] Astragalus, Rehmannia, through the grass, Qumai, TCS, Passepartout, Loulu, Codonopsis, angelica root, white peony root (Jiuchao), Wang do not stay in line, Radix, pangolin (hot), Antlers. Auxiliary material is sucrose. [Character] This product is brown to tan particles; slightly bitter taste (sucrose). [Indications] Qi and blood, meridians under the milk. For post-natal blood deficiency, less milk, no milk, milk barrier. [Specifications] 5 g per bag (no sugar) Dosage oral. Once 10g, 3 times a day. Adverse reactions is not clear. Taboo is not clear. [Note] is not clear. [Storage] sealed [Package] composite film bags, carton: 12 bags / box. [Effective] 24 months.

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